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The Rumpus: Desiree Bailey & Sean "Mega" DesVignes in Conversation

 "For me, intersectionality is a reality that I can’t escape. As a black woman, an immigrant, a citizen from a recently decolonized nation, a working writer, an urban dweller, and on and on, for me to highlight only one aspect of oppression is to only recognize one aspect of myself, is to actually dismember the self. It’s an act of incredible violence, the violence of non-recognition and suppression. And of course, I extend this view outward in order to be cognizant of experiences that I do not immediately relate to. Intersectionality is important to my artistic and social spaces because I want to be in spaces where everyone is seen and heard, where there is an understanding of interconnectedness and ubuntu, that I am because you are. I want to be free. I want to write free. I can’t be free if we all are not free." - Desiree C. Bailey


"Bob Marley, Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Sly Stone, Gwendolyn Brooks, Audre Lorde, Lucille Clifton, Halie Selassie I, Marcus Garvey, Lord Kitchener (of Trinidad, not Great Britain), Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, and the many others I haven’t named. I’m pretty sure I have too many ancestors to count that I don’t know whom I owe a debt to artistically." - Sean "Mega" DesVignes

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